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Julie (March 2018)

"Dear Ron, I'm really at a loss to express my gratitude. You have been a tremendous encourager to me through an experience that had me questioning just about everything in healthcare and my life as a nurse practitioner. Your skills, knowledge, expertise and diligence are remarkable and made a world of difference in my life. I wish no one ever... Learn more

Best Regards, Dr. D

"Ron, Thank you for all of your guidance, intelligence, support, and expertise. I am very grateful for your patience and experience in helping me with my responses and my legal skill communications. You are an amazing person to learn a lot from. My staff and I are also very impressed by your wonderful and professional staff, Ryan, Jonathan and... Learn more

E.R.J., M.D.

"I am so grateful for the hard work and caring you put into our recent case. I could not have asked for a more excellent lawyer or a better friend and support person...The combination of integrity and caring will carry you far in your career ....Other physicians speak poorly of their attorneys. I have been extremely lucky to have you.... Your... Learn more

F.T., M.D.

"Although it is a very painful experience to go through, it was lightened by working with Ron Shaw. I was lucky to have Mr. Shaw as my defense attorney; he was very supportive of me, and his knowledge of our case was impeccable. I was surprised at the command he had of all the minute details embedded in the thousands of pages of available medical... Learn more

L.H., M.D.

"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Ron Shaw for his work in this case. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Ron defending cases; it is always different, of course, when the case hits home. I am impressed with Ron's ability and his thoroughness....I feel that we have obtained the best possible disposition of this case. I... Learn more

C.K., M.D.

"Initially, I thought the intensity of the defense preparations were overkill until the jury trial unfolded. Though there was absolutely no medical merit to the case, without a vigorous defense, the carefully selected facts woven into a plausible story by the attorney for the plaintiff could have been convincing....Mr. Shaw skillfully juggled his... Learn more

D.H., M.D.

"I wanted to say thanks for providing me with someone like Ron Shaw for my defense. He was always there, always informative, always helpful, and always gave me 125%. In my non-legal opinion, he out-lawyered the plaintiffs' attorney by multiples of... Learn more

J.H., M.D.

"I especially want to thank you for providing the help of Ronald Shaw, Esquire. His work, in every way, was magnificent. I have never seen a better organization of records or more complete procurement of records. His handling of my own involvement was done in a most diplomatic and caring fashion, and covering all aspects of the situation. The... Learn more