Partner Attorney

Shahida Ali Schneider

Shahida Ali Schneider is a member of the Bars of England and Wales, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua & Barbuda and Maryland. Shahida practiced law in Trinidad and Antigua before coming to the United States. Shahida’s practice of law was concentrated in Antigua & Barbuda at the law firm of Henry & Burnette. Shahida represented clients in the Court of Appeal, High Court of Justice, Magistrates Court, employment tribunals and mediation hearings. Shahida litigated at these courts: contentious land matters, breach of contract matters, uncontested and contested divorce, child custody and maintenance proceedings, wrongful employment terminations, worker’s compensation claims, traffic violations, debt collections, tortious claims such as trespass, personal injury cases, running down actions & defamation lawsuits.

Prior to Shahida’s admission to the Maryland Bar, Shahida obtained a Masters of Law degree from UB School of Law. She also worked as a paralegal for three plus years and has a vast amount of knowledge about the management of medical malpractice suits from its inception to resolution.

  • University of London
    L.L.B.: Bachelor of Laws with Honors (2000)
    LL.M.: Master of Laws with Merit (2003)
  • Inns of Court School of Law (City Law School), London, England
    Bar Vocational Course: Very Competent (2005)
  • Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad and Tobago
    LEC: Legal Education Certificate (2008)
    Qualification to practice law in the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • University of Baltimore School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland
    LL.M.: Master of Laws in the Law of the United States (2014)
  • England and Wales, 2005 (Barrister/ Gray’s Inns, London)
  • Trinidad and Tobago, 2008
  • Antiqua and Barbuda 2008
  • Maryland, 2015