what our clients say

“I wanted to say thanks for providing me with someone like Ron Shaw for my defense. He was always there, always informative, always helpful, and always gave me 125%. In my non-legal opinion, he out-lawyered the plaintiffs’ attorney by multiples of 10!”

- D.H., M.D.

“I especially want to thank you for providing the help of Ronald Shaw, Esquire. His work, in every way, was magnificent. I have never seen a better organization of records or more complete procurement of records. His handling of my own involvement was done in a most diplomatic and caring fashion, and covering all aspects of the situation. The development of the situation before the medical panel was full and expert in every way. The summary judgment, which occurred at the end of the second day of the four day hearing, was without question due to his knowledge of the law and presentation of all facts of the case. In my opinion, it would be very difficult for Medical Mutual to find anyone who could handle cases similar to mine in such a magnificent fashion.”

- J.H., M.D.

“I write to you knowing that written words cannot convey all that I want you to know of my deep respect for your help and, above all, my gratitude. I have not needed to develop such an intense partnership with a colleague many times in my life. It was truly a rewarding, if unwanted, adventure….I owe to you for all you did to assure that, between us, we presented me for who I am.”

- R.B., M.D.

“I am very pleased to find a lawyer who is sincere, hardworking, and dedicated. I hope you keep up the good work, because we “poor doctors” will always need your help. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone in your firm.”

- S.J., M.D.

“I feel fortunate that the insurance company put you on my case. As I told you, I am much more comfortable in a smaller, more personal setting such as you and your office provided. At the same time, I felt extremely confident in my attorney, an especially comforting concept. I was treated for what I think was a relatively small suit the same as if we were talking about a multimillion dollar case. So, I was fortunate to have someone on my side that also seems to be working too much, but at least in my favor.”

- J.S., M.D.

“If you have not recognized my appreciation for all of your efforts during this long endeavor, I would like to reiterate that I feel that I was superbly represented.”

- D.S., M.D.

“This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent work to help me with the T.W. case. I can see that you have had a lot of experience handling these types of cases. You have been on top of the claimant’s lawyers through the entire ordeal. In my opinion, you are one of the best malpractice lawyers.”

- P.T., M.D.

“I thought I should let you know that Dr. R. sent me a note after you met with him to tell me that he was pleased to see your approach to the issues involved and how aggressively you planned to defend him.”

- R.K., Esquire