April 18, 2023


“I want to thank you….again for the outstanding jobs you do for medical defendants. The organization, law team, and highly qualified (All Star, really) expert witnesses were all second to none. Although being a defendant is something I don’t want to ever be again, I wouldn’t want anyone else defending me during such a tough time.”

I especially want to mention highest praise for Ron Shaw (and Amanda Just). He is head and shoulders above every lawyer in the courtroom, all while deftly handling the high anxiety of his client’s wishes. I know from experience in my own field that this is not easy. In fact, I truly believe that Dr.____’s case was won by Ron as much as by her own representation.”

“OMG you guys are wonderful and my family appreciates everything you and your firm have done for us…. Thank you again for the great news, you made our day. :-).”